- Houttuin / Warren's original design provided the blueprint for today's so called twin screw positive displacement rotary pumps.
- Based on the Archimedean principle, two intermshing screw on parallel shaft operate inside a close fitting,
8-shaped liner.
- Liquid are pumped from both end into the pump's center body where the discharge is located. The short shaft
is driven by the long shaft through a set of external precision timing gears.
- Houttuin / Warren twin screw pumps feature a clearance between the screw and external timing gear on each
shaft. These pricision gears prevent screw contact by maintaining a constant space between the screw.


- Oil Refining Industry: Crude Oil Transportation, Pick up Facilities, Loading / Unloading, Bilge handling Raw
or waste oil containing impurities, Shear sensitive liquid
- Hydrocarbon Progessing: transport, decomposition equipment, fuel, asphalt, pitch, waste oil
- Chemical: Transfer, Circulation, Polymer, Epoxy, Adhesive, Resin, Molybdenum Polyolefin
- Power plant: Burner / Turbine feeding, Fuel oil, Naphtha, lube oil
- Shipbuilding: barge unloading, Cargo handling, lube oil
- General industrial site: Fluid transport, lubricant, fuel oil, vegetable oil, pulp, paper, etc.