- Progressive cavity pumps are self-priming, rotary positive displacement pumps for handling and dosing low to
high viscosity, neutral or aggressive, pure or abrasive, gaseous liquids or liquids which tend to froth, even with
fibre and solids contents.
- Progressive cavity pumps are characterized by high pumping and metering accuracy and continuous extremely
gentle and low pulsation pumping. The liquid structure remain intact during pumping.
- Progressive cavity pumps show excellent self priming features, also with highly contaminated and difficult liquids. They are suitable for products with dry solids content up to 45% dry solids content.
- Progressive cavity pumps are available in all common material.


- Industrial : pulp / paper industry, wastewater / environmental process, chemical / petroleum industry, food /
medical industry
- Treatment: polymer, chemical, fiber containing liquid
- Application: Fluid transfer with solid / fiber or high viscosity, slurry, foam/gas